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MIHP MoveWell Corporate Testimonials

MIHP MoveWell Corporate Testimonials (13)

People from all types of backgrounds and industries are raving about MIHP and the techniques and education that are applied in helping them live a better, healthier life!

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Sherry is an excellent presenter! She's conducted many programs for our employer customers and members and always gets rave reviews. Sherry has a wonderful, engaging way of presenting to both very large and smaller audiences. Our participants consistently tell us that Sherry is informative and provides useful information they can incorporate into their daily lives. I've seen her present many times and always leave with new information and feeling inspired and empowered. Sherry always exceeds our expectations and we thoroughly enjoy working with her.

MIHP's MoveWell teamed up with HAP to present the Wise Woman Event at the Sterling Inn. Over 150 women received 5-minute screenings and instruction in the Daily Dozen workout program. 14 certified Movement Training Specialists were on hand to deliver the services. Great job, MoveWell Team. Thanks, HAP!!

Thank you so very much!  This was a Wonderful presentation!  Sherry was an inspiring presenter who gave me HOPE and practical help for helping me to know what I CAN personally do to  lessen pain when exercising and also how increasing certain muscles (GLUTES)

Sherry was awesome!!!! I loved the way we separated into smaller groups and received a more personal approach to learning to live pain free
The drive was a hike so I almost canceled.  I am so glad I didn't.  That was fantastic!! thank you Hap and Sherry!!

The MoveWell event was excellent!  After attending the workshop the next day I was totally PAIN FREEI hadn't felt that good since I was in my early thirties. Since the workshop my husband who has problems with leg weakness and balance has been regularly participating in the video by Sherry McLaughlin and has significantly improved his balance and gait. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

I think HAP is very smart to educate its members, which in turn can reduce costs for everyone, and make it fun to learn at the same time.

I loved this seminar and Sherry was very informative and willing to listen and help you!  I was so excited after I left to try the things she told us about.

It was a very interesting and enlightening event!!  I awakened muscles that had been dormant for a long time:)  Kudos to everyone involved!!

Everything was important and I really learned a lot from this seminar.  Please invite me to all you have to offer because my health is my life....thank you

"I just had to email you to tell you what an outstanding presentation that you gave to me and our staff. Not only are you extremely knowledgeable, I can tell that you are the right person for the right job!!!!!!!!!!!! You are very passionate about health, our bodies functioning properly, which naturally lead to an excitement about us kicking off our walking campaign!!!! The quick group exercises were very eye opening in terms of emphasizing your key points. Thank you again."
“I truly enjoyed the session and the presenter was such a dynamo. Great!”
"Thank you. I have felt relief in my back and I look forward to the next session."
"You did a great job! Can't wait for the August session."
"I have, indeed, been doing the suggested exercises - and I am feeling a wonderful difference. Again, thanks for the best 5 minutes I've ever spent!"
"The MIHP team of professionals has had a very positive impact on our wellness initiatives at General Motors, Delphi and Sears. Their efforts have yielded some of our most engaging and effective outcomes within our biometric screening and health improvement program initiatives."

"Sherry, thank you for knowing the body and educating me on how to integrate that knowledge into my daily regimen. It is rare to see any medical professional take the time to explain, with such detail and clarity, the anatomy and physiology surrounding an ailment. Thank you for showing me how to significantly reduce my lower back pain.

You have an extraordinary and wonderful practice -- one that reflects uncommon professionalism and commitment to improving the daily lives of patients. Thank you for healing me."

The experience with you has been life changing. Frankly, before coming to you I have never thought about the flexibility of the body. The exercises have given me the ability to become more disciplined and focused not only with my body but also with my everyday tasks. The professionalism of you and your staff is exceptional. I would highly recommend you to anyone.